comedy month 2018 

Comedy Month 2018 is over but you can still LOL with us all year long! Read on for some comedy tips and to see what's playing in your city.


Not sure what sketch, improv, or stand-up are? Check out our handy guide.



Sketch comedy is made up of short comedic scenes or “sketches” that are written in advance and performed by comedic actors. Think your favorite SNL segments, but performed onstage just feet away. Whether dry or goofy, satirical or musical, about politics or potatoes, sketch can be quite literally anything. Hence its appeal.



Improv is a form of comedy where performers make up a scene on the spot. Think a group of people asking for an audience suggestion, hearing “dentist's office,” then acting out a scene set in a dentist's office — complete with a toothbrush that comes to life and a love triangle between three dental hygienists, one of whom is an alien.



Stand-up is a form of comedy where a comic performs a prepared set solo in front of a live audience. Think one person at a microphone asking the audience, “What’s the deal with sea turtles, anyway? Ya ever hear the one about the chicken who crossed the road? Eh, eh?” Think: that same person then getting pelted with rotten tomatoes.

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Chicken Crossing the Road