What do we actually mean when we say "exclusive"? We mean it's a price, experience, or offer that you can't get anywhere else. In other words, it's only on TodayTix. Our team is in close collaboration with our theater partners to make sure we can always deliver the best prices and experiences. Read on to see what exclusive deals we have cookin' right now, and stay tuned, because this list is always growing!

what shows have exclusive deals right now?

My Fair Lady 590x238.jpg

Only on TodayTix: Get up to $50 off orchestra seats for this amazing Broadway revival.

HoH 590 x 238.jpg

Only on TodayTix: Unlock Rush tickets from $35. 


Only on TodayTix: Unlock Rush tickets from $20. 

Book of mormon title art.jpg

Only on TodayTix: Get tickets from $69 for September and beyond. Don't miss this one!

Only on TodayTix: Unlock Rush tickets from $25.

HP title.jpg

Only on TodayTix: Friday Forty tickets for Parts One and Two for $40 ($20 per Part).

Be More Chill title art.jpg

Only on TodayTix: $29 Digital Lottery tickets for this otherwise sold out show.

What kind of deals are only on TodayTix?

Piggy Bank.png

the best prices

We work with our theater partners to make sure we're getting you prices that are equal to or better than other ticket sources. The shows listed above have prices you won't find anywhere else.


rush tickets

Sometimes theaters have extra tickets for shows that day, and sometimes TodayTix will be the exclusive Rush ticket distributor for those discounted tix. If you're looking for a same-day show, check out our Rush tickets!


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ticket lotteries

When there's just a few lower-priced tickets to be had, many of our partners use TodayTix to host the digital ticket Lottery. This is also an exclusive opportunity to snag the best tix at the best price.